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Magaya Faces Allegations of Rap3 and Murder; Protesters Disrupt Church Service

Magaya Faces Allegations of Rap3 and Murder; Protesters Disrupt Church Service

In a dramatic turn of events on Sunday, March 10th, the Prophetic Healing And Deliverance Ministries (PHD) was plunged into chaos as six women disrupted a six-hour church service, leveling accusations of rap3 against the church’s founder, Walter Magaya. The incident swiftly escalated into violence, with parts captured on camera revealing alarming confrontations between the protesters and senior staff members of the church.

The protesters alleged that Magaya, who already faces similar accusations from nearly 100 other individuals, including some Israeli investors, had defrauded one victim’s family of USD 500,000. This latest crisis unfolded amidst Magaya’s recent loss in a high court case against the gender commission, which ruled that he cannot obstruct an investigation into alleged abuses of numerous women.

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The confrontation occurred at the church premises in Zindoga, Waterfalls, shedding light not only on the alleged victims’ plight but also on the handling of s3xual abuse allegations within religious communities. The protesters recounted their desperate quest for justice, revealing the challenges they faced in documenting the incident and seeking assistance.

According to one protester, attempts to livestream the incident were foiled, and they were met with physical violence, resulting in serious injuries to one woman, including bleeding from the mouth, nose, and ear. Despite seeking police intervention, they were met with dismissiveness from officers at the Waterfalls police station, who allegedly refused to handle cases related to Magaya.

The encounter between the protesters and Clive Musango, a church overseer, further underscored the tense atmosphere. The altercation, captured in dialogue, revealed deep-seated frustrations and accusations exchanged between the protesters and the church’s representatives.

The protesters also expressed a lack of support and voiced distrust towards Magaya’s wife, Tendai, whom they accused of being unresponsive to previous reports of rape within the church.

Efforts to obtain comments from Clive Musango and Walter Magaya were unsuccessful at the time of writing, suggesting a reluctance or inability to address the allegations publicly.

As this breaking news continues to unfold, with promises of additional footage and responses from the church and law enforcement, it is imperative to ensure that the voices of the alleged victims are heard and that justice is pursued diligently and impartially.

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