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Man Claims Marijuana Use For Headaches, Faces Drug Charges

Man Claims Marijuana Use For Headaches, Faces Drug Charges

A resident of Victoria Ranch found in possession of a small amount of marijuana defended his actions to police, stating that he used the substance to alleviate headaches.

However, his explanation did not sway the authorities, leading to his arrest and subsequent court appearance.

The man, identified as Talent Mudzami, was brought before Masvingo magistrate Linnet Mudzingo on January 30, 2024, facing charges of dealing with dangerous drugs.

He was remanded out of custody pending further trial proceedings scheduled for February 7, 2024.

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According to court proceedings, detectives from the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) Masvingo received information alleging that Mudzami was involved in selling marijuana.

Acting on this tip-off, the detectives visited Mudzami’s residence and conducted a search.

During the search, a small stub of marijuana was discovered inside a cup. Despite further investigation of his house, no additional drugs were found. When questioned about the missing marijuana, Mudzami admitted to using it for medicinal purposes, specifically to relieve headaches.

However, the detectives informed Mudzami that regardless of his intentions, possessing marijuana was illegal and constituted a crime. Consequently, he was placed under arrest.

Isabel Pambuka handled the prosecution of the case, highlighting the legal ramifications of drug possession and the importance of adhering to the law, regardless of personal beliefs or justifications.

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