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Meet The Radiant Zimbabwean Inmate, Gayla: The Getaway Driver

Meet The Radiant Zimbabwean Inmate, Gayla: The Getaway Driver

She once played a pivotal role in a series of heists alongside a group she considered friends. As the designated getaway driver, Gayla would orchestrate their schemes, luring unsuspecting victims whom they referred to as “clients.” In an exclusive interview with NRTV, Gayla revealed the intricacies of their criminal escapades.

Her modus operandi involved positioning herself at locations like Showground, where individuals in need of transportation were plentiful. Once the targeted clients entered her vehicle, she would skillfully navigate to a predetermined destination where her accomplices lay in wait to carry out their robberies. Following the illicit act, the victims were unceremoniously left stranded in a designated area.

Meet The Radiant Zimbabwean Inmate, Gayla: The Getaway DriverImage via Internet @NRTV
Gayla, The Getaway Driver

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Gayla emphasized that they operated without weapons, relying instead on coercing the victims into divulging their banking details. The mere threat of a firearm was sufficient to intimidate, and she asserted that their intent was never to inflict harm. In her defense, she pleaded her youth, explaining that she was a mere 25 years old at the time. The influence of peers and the pressures of her environment contributed to her involvement in the illicit activities.

“They knew I could drive, so they would just call me and tell me to come to work,” she explained.

Gayla insisted that she played no part in the planning strategy, assuming the role of the getaway driver without knowledge of the entire operation. In an unexpected twist, her mother portrayed her as a well-behaved and diligent child who, after completing her education, briefly worked in South Africa. However, upon returning to Harare, Gayla fell in with an older crowd, a choice her mother had warned against. As her association with this group intensified, her behavior took a perplexing turn.

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