Meet Young Chitungwiza Magician

Aaron Ngoni Mzambi is a 23 year old aspiring magician from the dome town of Chitungwiza who is currently doing ACCA at Trust Academy.

According to Ngoni he was born a magician who discovered his talent when he was in grade three.

“At the age of three I used to play tricks with my friends only to later on discover that I could surpass the ordinary tricks. I was scared of reviewing my secret,” added Ngoni.

He then quit the game and almost forgot about it until graduating from high school and decided to give it a try one more time.

“Magic needs a lot of practice for one to come up with fascinating tricks so from that time I spend most of my time trying to come up with fascinating ideas that include mind reading, playing card tricks, even changing water into wine,” he said.

“My talent is not associated with black magic as people might wonder,” he strongly empathised, ” it is an inborn talent and there’s no way I could have touched juju and i’m proud to say that I have my family’s support.”

He also added, “Black magic does not last for long and form what I have been going through since my childhood, I haven’t seen any complications nor any harm from the tricks.

Ngoni has been looking up to Smoothini an American magician and former US marine his icon whom he claims to have been in contact with for the past year sharing ideas and motivations.

Ngoni admires his style and the way he does his tricks in which he shows off some swag in his work.

His dream is to one day share the stage with America’s greatest magicians Smoothini, Dynamo and Troy among others. He is willing to challenge them some day as long as he keeps practicing.

Ngoni is currently working on doing some shows in school and is ready to be called for some entertainment at any given time.