Nelson Chamisa Steps Down From Citizens Coalition For Change (CCC)

Nelson Chamisa Steps Down From Citizens Coalition For Change (CCC)

Key Points From Advocate Nelson Chamisa’s Press Release

Fellow Zimbabweans, fellow citizens, today I stand before you with a heart full of gratitude and a deep sense of responsibility. Our beloved country is facing difficult and challenging times – politically, economically, and socially. Many citizens are seeking refuge in the diaspora, while those at home are grappling with hardships. Despite the hardships, we believe that change is on the horizon.

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It has been two years since I announced the formation of the CCC. Over this period, our nation has witnessed a series of challenges, particularly in the lead-up to the elections. From pre-election problems to the intimidation and violence unleashed on citizens, we have faced numerous obstacles.

We stood against attempts to disqualify our candidates, faced hurdles in conducting rallies, and encountered manipulations during the voting process. Despite all odds, we entered the election race under protest, driven by the belief that citizens deserve a fair chance.

The 23rd of August 2023 marked a turning point in our nation’s history. The election process was marred by irregularities and witnessed the incumbent declaring victory despite widespread observer reports condemning the electoral process. The legitimacy crisis became evident, and the need for credible elections in Zimbabwe was underscored.

Post-election, we have observed a disturbing trend towards authoritarianism. The incumbent, failing to defeat the citizens at the ballot, resorted to consolidating power through the manipulation of institutions. Acts such as the recalls of elected representatives and the emergence of an impostor within the CCC are attempts to suppress the voice of the people.

The incumbent’s actions reveal a desire to control the opposition, weaken it, and divert resources for personal gain. They seek to silence the citizens’ voice, undermine our regional and global advocacy, and perpetuate their rule through authoritarian means.

The consequences of the disputed election are evident in our economic and social fabric. We are witnessing the collapse of social services, forced migration, increased passport fees, economic deterioration, and high levels of corruption. Our citizens are suffering, and our nation is in crisis.

To address the legitimacy problem and restore Zimbabwe to majority rule, we must engage in all-inclusive politics. Comprehensive political, electoral, and constitutional reforms are essential to create a platform for peace, tolerance, and prosperity. We must rid ourselves of toxicity and selfishness, and leaders must serve with truth, respect, accountability, and responsibility.

The original purpose of the CCC has been compromised and hijacked by ZANU PF. It has become an extension of the ruling party, devoid of its founding principles. Recognizing this, I officially declare that, with immediate effect, I no longer have any affiliation with CCC. My focus remains on Zimbabwe, honoring the citizens’ mandate, and providing leadership in the pursuit of total freedom and genuine transformation.

Fellow citizens, change is coming soon. Let us rally behind fresh politics, new leaders, and a vision for a New Great Zimbabwe. Giving up is not an option, and together, we will embrace the opportunities that lie ahead. Stay informed on the next steps as we work towards a brighter future for our beloved nation.




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