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Night Shift Surprise: Security Guard’s Gun Gone in Encounter with Lady of the Night

Night Shift Surprise: Security Guard’s Gun Gone in Encounter with Lady of the Night

In a shocking and peculiar incident, a security guard based in Mutoko found himself in a series of misfortunes after an unconventional encounter with a lady of the night resulted in the loss of his service pistol and legal repercussions.

Evidence Mangonono, a 27-year-old security guard, faced the consequences of his actions when he failed to settle payment after a brief encounter with a lady of the night known only as Choice.

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The incident took place in close proximity to a bank where Mangonono was assigned to guard, adding an additional layer of complexity to the unfolding events.

The legal ramifications of the incident became apparent as the matter was brought before the Mutoko Magistrates Court, with Magistrate Chiedza Gatsi presiding over the case. Magistrate Gatsi handed down a one-year prison sentence to Mangonono with a conditional suspension.

Under the terms of the suspension, Mangonono is required to complete 325 hours of community service at Hurungwe Primary School in Murewa.

According to the prosecution led by Nathan Majuru, the incident occurred on January 7 when Mangonono, along with his colleagues, consumed tlof tlof-enhancing herbs.

Subsequently, Mangonono engaged the services of Choice, and the encounter took place discreetly at the rear side of the bank he was responsible for guarding.

Complications arose when Mangonono failed to fulfill the financial obligations associated with the services provided by Choice.

Taking advantage of the situation, Choice took possession of Mangonono’s service pistol as collateral for the unpaid transaction.

The gravity of the situation escalated when Mangonono’s employer discovered the absence of his service firearm and promptly reported the incident to the police.

Realizing the severity of the situation, Mangonono took action and eventually compensated to recover the misplaced firearm.

This bizarre sequence of events serves as a reminder of the potential consequences that can arise from engaging in illegal activities while on duty and the importance of fulfilling financial obligations.

The case serves as a cautionary tale for security personnel to adhere to professional and ethical standards at all times, avoiding compromising situations that could jeopardize their careers and public safety.

The Mutoko Magistrates Court’s ruling sends a strong message regarding the seriousness of the offense, emphasizing the need for accountability and responsible behavior among security personnel.

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