“Patience” pays off for Patience

“Patience” pays off for Patience

By Peter Tinashe Kaviya

The world of motivational books has many dimensions, but the single most important one, and far too often, the fewest of them — is that one book that marries the normal motivational lines, life experiences and firm faith in the supernatural and in this case, the author’s Christian beliefs.

Pages have been written; flipped by many a book worm, but many have blamed motivational books for the borrowed and artificial spring and belief that last only until the last page.

At 24 and a student at Solusi University, Shamiso Patience Mbiriri, is young and seemingly callow to life issues.

With that in mind a few would have cared about her advice but despite these challenges, the Computer Management Information Systems student managed to publish a motivational masterpiece titled Not How But Who, a feat she credits to her patience and determination.


The 139 paged book explores motivational issues in a refreshing manner with the author creating a cocktail of life experiences, passion, self-motivation and most importantly; her strong
Christian belief, patience and determination resulting in a good motivational read.

For almost two years she battled serious ailments that included anemia, migraines and recurrent blood pressure problems, all which forced her to abandon some of her duties including studies.

With all the setbacks the writer says she learnt a lot and found renewed faith in the Lord.

“At one time I was complaining a lot about lost time and how unfair life was. I had dropped out of school due to health challenges and so many of my generation were graduating and working
while I was busy chasing after doctors. My friend advised me to stop complaining and assured me that even in my feeble state, I was capable of doing something in life and this was the day I decided to use my experiences in writing the book,“said Shamiso.

“During these tough times I learnt a lot of things and my faith in God grew. I learnt that God’s ways are not our ways. We have our plans that might fail but that does not mean we have failed. We will be on the right track because God will be leading us. My story shocked many and many people asked how I did it.

“No matter how hard I tried to figure out the answer I realised that there was nothing I did but only after giving up God came through for me and so I decided to share my story and I knew it had to rectify that it is not about what I did but who did it and that is God, thus I titled the book Not How But Who.”

The book Not How But Who has been well received with readers across the country making enquiries about the author and her works, a development that has left the author humbled.

A firm Adventist Shamiso was born second in a family of four girls and did her primary and secondary education at Nyazura and Nyahuni Adventist Schools respectively before enrolling at Solusi University.


But she believes her journey as a writer is only but a realisation of the “prophetic‘’ words from her A Level teachers that always praised her as one the best writers in class.
The budding writer urged upcoming authors to be original calling on them to be patient and determined and also to put their faith in God.

“Every journey has a beginning. Have faith in those baby steps. They will take you to your destination. God will lead you all the way and remember your story does not have to sound similar to the next person’s. For it to be authentic be original and do what it takes to get yourself out there,“ urged Shamiso.

The author is already working on here second book The Diary of a Future Wife that is due for release next year.

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  • I read it, I loved it. It’s so relatable and very inspiring. It’s amazinh

  • love the book too. Go mamo!!! can’t wait for the 2nd book

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