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Phaeton Mutiyaya Christmas Day Liquor Sales to Minors Found Guilty

A 23-year-old man from Harare, Phaeton Mutiyaya, was declared guilty by the Mbare Magistrates Court on Friday, March 1st, for unlawfully selling beer to minors on Christmas Day of the previous year.

The National Prosecuting Authority of Zimbabwe announced the guilty verdict following a trial that commenced after Mutiyaya’s arrest for selling alcohol to minors, an incident that gained attention on social media.

Mutiyaya came under legal scrutiny after a video circulated online showing minors consuming alcohol in central Harare.

Confirming Mutiyaya’s guilt, the National Prosecuting Authority of Zimbabwe (NPAZ) revealed that he is due to appear in court again on Monday, March 4th, for sentencing. According to the NPAZ:

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“Phaeton Mutiyaya (23) was found guilty of selling alcohol to 10 minors aged between 5 and 11 during the festive season. The verdict was delivered on Friday at the Harare Magistrates Court.”

The incident occurred when a businessman captured footage of minors drinking Belgravia on Christmas Day in the Harare CBD. The minors, quickly identified from the viral video, were reported as residents of Epworth who had run away from home. The search for the adults responsible for their situation commenced, leading to the identification of Mutiyaya as the seller.

The shocking video of intoxicated minors quickly spread on social media, igniting public outrage and condemnation of selling alcohol to individuals below the legal drinking age.

Mutiyaya was operating an illegal alcohol trade from a private residence in Mbare. His next court appearance is scheduled for Monday, March 4th, for the finalization of the sentencing process.

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