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Seh Calaz Lost Maintenance Battle To Moira To Pay $45k

Moira Knight, who was embroiled in a maintenance battle with chanter Seh Calaz, has been granted ZWL45 000 by a Harare magistrate.

Moira had claimed US$1 050, and a US$2 450 as a once-off payment for equal share of the two’s matrimonial property and medical fees.

She was demanding US$300 for rentals, US$120 (electricity), US$45 (gas), US$100, US$110 (clothes) and transport US$100.

However, Harare magistrate Judith Taruvinga said Moira’s claim seemed exaggerated and therefore could not be entertained.

“The monthly maintenance of US$1 050 is above the respondent’s income and in my view not realistic.

“The respondent is ordered to pay $45 000 as monthly maintenance effective March 31st until the child reaches the age of 18.

“Moira will furnish the clerk of court with her local banking details,” ruled the magistrate.

The maintenance has been broken down as $15 000 for food, $10 000 (rent), clothes (5 000), medicals (5 000), utilities ($5 000) and ancillary ($5 000).

However, Seh Calaz’s lawyer claims the order is still out of his client’s league.

The singer has revealed his intentions to appeal against the magistrate’s decision at the High Court.

“We are approaching the High Court on appeal soon, we are of the view that the magistrate grossly misdirected herself in relying on speculative evidence as well as inadmissible evidence.