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Serial Kuwadzana Car Thieves Remanded in Custody, Face Multiple Charges

Serial Car Kuwadzana Thieves Remanded in Custody, Face Multiple Charges

Two individuals, John Nhira (39) and Innocent Chigwaze (27), accused of engaging in a spree of carjackings, have been brought before the Harare Magistrates’ Court.

The charges against them include four counts of theft of motor vehicles and robbery. The court, presided over by Magistrate Stanford Mambanje on Saturday, remanded the suspects in custody, advising them to seek bail at the High Court.

The prosecution alleges that Nhira and Chigwaze stole four motor vehicles, subsequently stripping them of their engines.

In an incident dated December 20 of the previous year, the duo hired a vehicle from the Zindoga shopping centre in Waterfalls, Harare, to Epworth.

While en route, Chigwaze, positioned in the rear passenger seat, reportedly threatened the driver, declaring a robbery. The driver was coerced to stop the vehicle, and Nhira, seated in the front, pulled the complainant out before speeding away.

The vehicle was later recovered in Darwendale, missing its engine and gearbox.

In another case, Nhira and Chigwaze, joined by an accomplice known as Magwejani, who remains at large, stole Tawanda Pamire’s vehicle in Mbare. Using a duplicate key, they discreetly gained entry and drove away. The stolen vehicle was subsequently found in Darwendale.

On January 2 of the current year, the trio, along with Chancellor Tande, who is still at large, allegedly stole Albert Marozva’s vehicle in Warren Park, Harare, again using a duplicate key. The theft was reported at ZRP Warren Park Police Station.

Finally, on the night of January 22, the suspected carjackers, in collaboration with an accomplice named Ashley, stole Lawrence Munetsi’s vehicle at Kuwadzana 3 car park.

The perpetrators were apprehended by members of the public after stealing a Toyota Hiace kombi. Detectives from CID Vehicle Theft Squad Harare were led to the recovery of the stolen vehicle, which was found without its engine, doors, windows, gearbox, differential, and rear wheels.

The chassis number had also been tampered with. The arrested individuals are now facing charges related to these incidents, and further investigations are ongoing.

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