Tragedy Strikes as Pregnant Mother, Husband, and Four Children Perish in Mazowe Accident

Tragedy Strikes as Pregnant Mother, Husband, and Four Children Perish in Mazowe Accident

Mazowe, a town in Zimbabwe, was struck by a devastating accident that claimed the lives of nine individuals, including a pregnant mother, her husband, and their four children.

The collision occurred between two Honda Fit vehicles, leaving a family shattered and a community in mourning.

New details have emerged, shedding light on the tragic incident and the efforts being made to support the bereaved families during this difficult time.

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The Mazowe Horror Accident

Early Monday morning, tragedy struck when two Honda Fit vehicles collided head-on in Mazowe, Zimbabwe.

Among the victims were Loice Kapinga, a pregnant mother, her husband Silas Gomo, and their four children. The family was traveling from Marymount in Rushinga to Chinhoyi when the fatal collision occurred, abruptly ending their lives.

The Loss of Innocent Lives

The devastating accident claimed the lives of six members of the same family. Loice Kapinga, who was expecting a child, and her husband Silas Gomo were accompanied by their young children, five-year-old Tanyaradzwa and eight-year-old Angela. The loss has sent shockwaves through the family, leaving Edson Kapinga, the father-in-law, grappling with the profound grief and disbelief caused by this tragic accident.

Additional Fatalities

In addition to the family, the crash also claimed the lives of Lovemore Chibanda from Murehwa and Tashinga Chitsike from Mt Darwin. Tashinga’s father, Badwell Chitsike, expressed his bewilderment, struggling to comprehend the circumstances that led to the collision and the loss of his son’s life.

The Details of the Accident

The collision occurred around 2:30 a.m., as one Honda Fit carrying four passengers was traveling towards Bindura, while the other Honda Fit, carrying seven passengers, was traveling in the opposite direction.

The impact of the collision was so severe that one of the vehicles caught fire, resulting in three victims being burnt beyond recognition.

Government Support and Condolences

Christopher Magomo, the Minister of State for Provincial Affairs and Devolution for Mashonaland Central, visited the accident scene to offer his condolences to the grieving families. Minister Magomo expressed deep sorrow over the loss of nine lives, acknowledging the magnitude of the tragedy that had befallen the community.

Efforts to Identify the Victims

Efforts are currently underway to identify the three victims who were burnt beyond recognition. The police forensic team is assisting in the process, hoping to provide some closure to the families affected by this horrific accident.

Government Assistance for the Bereaved Families

In the wake of this tragic event, the government has taken steps to support the bereaved families. Acting director of the Department of Civil Protection, Farai Hokonya, confirmed that the government would provide coffins, transportation, foodstuffs, and aid with the burial process.

The aim is to alleviate the financial burden on the grieving families and provide them with the necessary support during this difficult time.



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