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Trusted Police Officer Sends Thugs To Rob Best Friend

Trusted Police Officer Sends Thugs To Rob Best Friend

In a chilling tale of betrayal, Never Sarukore, a businessman, fell victim to a gunpoint robbery orchestrated by a gang sent by his own best friend, Detective Constable Wellington Ndoro, who was stationed at Nkulumane Police Station.

The shocking incident unfolded at Sarukore’s home in Nkulumane suburb, where he was robbed of US$5,300 and R14,000 by a gang of four armed robbers. Little did Sarukore know that the mastermind behind this terrifying event was his trusted friend, Ndoro.

Despite the trauma of the robbery, Sarukore never suspected Ndoro, as their friendship had spanned four years, marked by mutual trust and shared experiences. Even when questioned by detectives from the police’s homicide section, Ndoro’s name did not cross Sarukore’s mind.

Recounting the harrowing ordeal, Sarukore described how the robbers, armed with a pistol, bolt-cutter, and tyre lever, broke into his home, demanding US$20,000. Though he insisted he didn’t have such an amount, the robbers proceeded to steal US$5,300, R14,000, four cellphones, and a laptop. The terrifying ordeal lasted nearly an hour, during which Sarukore bravely stood his ground.

The shocking twist in the narrative came when Sarukore met Ndoro after the incident. Ndoro, seemingly shocked and in a hurry, expressed sympathy for the robbery but failed to reveal his involvement. It was only later, after Ndoro’s arrest in Victoria Falls for attempted robbery, that Sarukore began to suspect his friend’s betrayal.

The suspects apprehended by detectives later disclosed that Ndoro provided information about Sarukore, directed them to the location, and instructed them to retrieve US$20,000. Remarkably, Ndoro explicitly ordered the gang not to harm Sarukore or any of his family members but to focus solely on obtaining the money.

Devastated by the revelation, Sarukore shared that he and Ndoro had a close bond, celebrating birthdays together, attending each other’s family events, and even standing as the best man at Ndoro’s wedding. Their families were deeply intertwined, and Sarukore was a familiar figure at Nkulumane Police Station, regularly visiting Ndoro.

Despite the betrayal, Sarukore expressed deep hurt but also cherished the positive moments they shared.

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