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Unsolved: Mystery Surrounds Munengerwa Policeman’s Death

A Police officer from ZRP Pfupajena station in Chegutu was discovered deceased on Friday night under mysterious circumstances. Elisha Munengerwa, aged 35, had been assigned to duty at Kaguvi Primary Polling station for the by-elections. Details surrounding his death remain unclear.

According to a memo dated February 3, Munengerwa was pronounced dead upon arrival at the hospital, bearing a deep cut on his left arm.

The case is currently under investigation, identified as RRB 5785652.

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Reports indicate that at approximately 3 am, a local resident, Farai Chifodya, heard groaning sounds near his tuck shop. Upon investigation, he found Munengerwa injured and bleeding profusely. Chifodya promptly alerted ZRP Pfupajena.

Upon arriving at the scene, authorities identified the victim as their colleague and rushed him to Chegutu Hospital, where he was declared deceased upon arrival.

The memo notes a deep cut on Munengerwa’s front left lower arm, suggesting a knife inflicted the injury. Furthermore, a blood trail spanning about 100 meters was observed from the location of the incident. Signs of struggle were also apparent.

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