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Zimbabwean Musician Sgodo Demands Lobola Refund

Zimbabwean Musician Sgodo Demands Lobola Refund After Wife Leaves Him for a Religious Leader

Alson Mandla Thebe, known by his stage name Sgodo and based in South Africa, is seeking a reimbursement of his lobola payment from his former in-laws after his wife abandoned him for a religious figure.

Heartbroken and devastated, Sgodo is demanding a complete refund of the lobola amount he paid for his wife, Buhle Ncube, after she ended their marriage just one year into their union.

According to Sgodo, Ncube has taken their child and is refusing to grant him access to the child, who currently resides with Ncube’s mother. Despite his efforts, Sgodo has been unsuccessful in securing visitation rights.

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Sgodo believes that his in-laws exploited him, asserting that the lobola payment he made was not intended for the child’s upbringing. He argues that the lobola should have covered the child’s expenses, relieving him of any financial obligations towards the child.

Feeling frustrated and deceived, Sgodo is now demanding a full refund of the lobola he paid for Ncube.

“My in-laws were attempting to drain me financially and leave me destitute. My child should live with my mother, who is still alive, but Ncube’s parents oppose this idea,” expressed Sgodo.

To exacerbate matters, Ncube allegedly attempted to make Sgodo jealous by sending him romantic messages and pictures while being involved with other men.

There are rumors suggesting that Ncube left Sgodo for a well-known pastor residing in South Africa.

When approached by B-Metro for comment, Ncube claimed that she left Sgodo due to his abusive behavior.

“It is indeed true that I was in a relationship with Sgodo, and everything was fine when he paid lobola at my parent’s homestead, and I moved in with him.

“However, trouble started three months later when he began engaging in extramarital affairs with several women. When I confronted him about it, he dismissed it, claiming it was his child’s mother and that he needed to maintain contact with them. As a result, I decided to leave, taking our child with me to my parents’ house in Zimbabwe while I returned to South Africa to work and provide for her,” explained Ncube.

“After I left our child, Sgodo began calling and insulting me, demanding the return of his child or the lobola money. I’m not sure if this is how things are typically done, considering I gave him a child. I refuse to continue enduring an abusive relationship with someone who lacks clarity,” Ncube added.

She further stated that she has moved on and advised Sgodo to do the same.

“He claims he wants me back, but that will never happen. I’m too young to endure abuse. Sgodo is disrespectful and lacks respect for my parents.

“If he wishes to see his child, he is welcome to do so. However, if he intends to take custody of her, he must fulfill the lobola requirements first. Currently, the child is under 18, and I have full authority to make decisions concerning her.

“While I was with him, I experienced immense stress. He didn’t even know my clothing size. Now I am in a happy relationship with someone who treats me with respect and understands the role of a woman. He satisfies me in every way, including in the bedroom.

“Please convey to Sgodo that I am doing well and have found someone who knows and reveres God, unlike a mere singer like him,” Ncube concluded.