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Bulawayo City Council Close Down Public Toilets

Amid Bulawayo severe water challenges, the City Council has been compelled to close down public toilets across the central business district and nearby suburbs to prevent potential outbreaks of water-borne diseases.

Recent council minutes revealed that the closure of some toilets was necessitated by the acute water shortages gripping the city.

“The water scarcity issues have led the department to shut down certain toilets as maintaining cleanliness becomes impossible in the absence of water,” the minutes disclosed.

Concerned shop owners and vendors have approached the local authority seeking authorization to operate the public toilets for their patrons.

“The department has noted that nearby communities could bring stored water from their premises to ensure the cleanliness of the toilets, suggesting a potentially viable partnership during this challenging period,” the minutes highlighted. “However, converting residential area toilets into pay facilities is deemed economically unfeasible.”

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Successful applicants seeking permission to operate the toilets will be granted zero-fee service agreements, contingent upon the toilets remaining accessible to the public free of charge.

Meanwhile, Bulawayo’s Director of Health Services, Edwin Mzingwane, informed the media on Tuesday about the surge in diarrhoea cases recorded at council clinics, indicating the disease’s endemic status in the city.

Mzingwane assured that the council is devising strategies to supply water to residents despite encountering pumping difficulties due to dwindling raw water levels in the city’s supply dams.

In an unrelated inquiry, Councillor Sandra Sibindi sought clarification regarding the number of street sweepers in the central business district.

“She also urged residents to segregate their waste, emphasizing that some materials disposed of in refuse bags are biodegradable and recyclable. Advocacy for recycling and reuse should be promoted in the city, along with the installation of additional litter bins in the central.

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