Carnival Passa Passa Attracts Thousands

The Chillspot Roadblock ground right in Matapi Mbare flats was abuzz with a festive mood when the oldest high density’s finest dancehall artists came to perform at the Carnival Passa Passa     on Monday 4 September.

The two thousand plus audience had a free entry treat courtesy of Divine Assignments and the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority with the hosts Fantan and Levels of Chillspot Records and other stakeholders.

Gary B and the God Father Templeman were part of the entertainers and the dancehall upcoming sweetheart Cee Cee who fully impressed the crowd.

Harare International Carnival Organisers are taking the next Passa Passa to Zengeza 1 Ground B where Hwindi President, Dhadza D, Lady Squanda and Guspy Warrior are expected to perform with Chitungwiza based upcoming artists.