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Man Beds 12-Year-Old Sister In Law, Takes Her As Fourth Wife

Man Beds 12-Year-Old Sister In Law,Takes Her As Fourth Wife

A man from Masvingo is facing legal troubles after being brought to court for allegedly engaging in a sexual relationship with his 12year-old sister-in-law. He claims that his wife, unable to conceive, arranged for her sister to bear children for him.

The defendant pleaded not guilty, asserting that he was merely residing with the girl and that it was his wife’s suggestion to have her younger sister serve as a spouse to bear children in her stead once the minor reached the age of 18. According to TellZim, Masvingo Regional Magistrate Bishard Chineka remanded the defendant out of custody, scheduling the sentencing for February 7, 2023.

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“I did not have sex with the complainant but she came to my house as my fourth wife because her sister had an arrangement with her parents that she had to bear children for me in her position, and we were going to have children after she turned 18,” said the complainant.

It was revealed to the court that in August 2023, the complainant was brought to the accused’s homestead when she was 12 by her sister, who is the third wife of the accused. This was purportedly so that the complainant could bear children with the accused in place of her sister, who was unable to conceive any children for him.

It is further alleged that the issue surfaced when the complainant’s brother visited the accused’s homestead to resolve certain disputes with his third wife, who happens to be the sister of the complainant, in December 2023.

Following the discussions, the complainant proceeded to accompany his brother and revealed to him the alleged abuse by the accused.

Subsequently, the brother reported the incident to the police, leading to the arrest of the accused.

Prosecutor Liberty Hove represented the state in the case.

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