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Neria 21: Remake Premieres on YouTube, Amplifying Women’s Empowerment and Gender-Based Violence Awareness

“‘Neria 21’ Premieres on YouTube Today, Emphasizing Women’s Empowerment and Gender-Based Violence Awareness”

The highly anticipated remake of the classic film “Neria”, titled “Neria 21”, is set to premiere today on YouTube, announced by the producers, Rawsoot Studio. The premiere coincides with the belated celebrations of International Women’s Day.

Similar to its predecessor released 30 years ago, which shed light on the global issue of women abuse, the remake maintains the same theme and concept but introduces a fresh cast of actors.

“Neria 21” stars Kudzai Chengedza, also known as Mbuya VaPiyasoni, in the lead role of Neria, with Innocent Kufakunesu as ‘Sarungano’, Oswald Mahwende as Patrick, Nesu Madakiwe as Phineas, Cordelia Masalethulini as Jane, and Jo-Anne Chidochangu Tenga as Connie.

In an interview with The Herald Arts, Vimbai Sinchuke, the executive producer of “Neria 21”, highlighted the film’s focus on gender-based violence and the urgent need for women empowerment. Sinchuke expressed the film’s intention to address the persistent challenges faced by women in society, both socially and professionally.

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Acknowledging the importance of copyright integrity, Sinchuke mentioned that Rawsoot Studios obtained rights from Media for Development International (MFDI) to produce the remake. Additionally, music rights were acquired from Sheer Sound CC, with the blessings of the late Dr. Oliver Mtukudzi’s family and Albert Nyathi, who performed ‘Senzenina’ for the film.

Sinchuke emphasized the significance of showcasing African stories told from an African perspective, underscoring the wealth of talent and storytelling capability within the continent.

Lead actors of “Neria 21” also shared their thoughts on the film’s impact. Oswald Mahwende, who portrays Patrick, expressed his commitment to advocating for gender equality and denouncing gender-based violence through his character.

In memory of the late Blessing Nyamukapa, who portrayed Maria in the film, “Neria 21” is dedicated to her legacy.

The remake aims to ignite meaningful conversations about improving Zimbabwean cinema and bridging generational gaps while continuing the powerful narrative initiated by the original “Neria” filmHome – ZiMetro News

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