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Roadside Dumping: Job Sikhala Shares Ordeal Post-Prison Release

"Dumped by the Roadside": Job Sikhala Alleges Dismissal from Chikurubi Prison After Release

Job Sikhala Opposition politician  made a startling revelation about his release from Chikurubi Maximum Prison, claiming that he was unceremoniously ejected from the facility late Tuesday night following his release. Sikhala, who had spent 595 days in pre-trial detention, received a wholly suspended two-year sentence for inciting public violence.

In an exclusive interview with The NewsHawks after his release, Sikhala disclosed that he received a late-night notification of his impending freedom, contrary to the initial plan for a Wednesday morning release. He further revealed that he was swiftly expelled from the prison premises and left stranded by the roadside.

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“I was kicked out. I was told I had to leave immediately. That’s the instruction we received, so they escorted me out and left me stranded by the roadside. Can you imagine?” Sikhala recounted.

Reflecting on his recent release, Sikhala expressed a lack of emotion and reiterated his belief that he is being persecuted due to his deep love for Zimbabwe.

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