Job Sikhala Case Ruling Deferred by Magistrates Court

A ruling on the case involving former Member of Parliament Job Sikhala, who stands accused of publishing falsehoods on social media, is expected to be delivered by a Harare magistrate on 15 February, as reported by NewsDay.

Sikhala, accompanied by his lawyer Harrison Nkomo, appeared at the Harare Magistrates Court for a pre-sentencing hearing on Monday, 12 February.

The charges against Sikhala stem from allegations that he communicated falsehoods via a Facebook message, where he purportedly claimed that a junior police officer had fatally struck a baby with a baton in central Harare back in 2021.

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However, Job Sikhala maintains his innocence, with his lawyer Nkomo arguing that his client is being charged under a law that does not exist.

This legal battle comes in the wake of Sikhala being handed a two-year suspended jail sentence for his alleged involvement in inciting public violence.

Prior to this recent development, Sikhala endured a lengthy period of 595 days in pre-trial detention, having been repeatedly denied bail throughout the process.

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