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Sanganai Hlanganani World Tourism Expo Preps to Attract Tourism Enthusiasts

Sanganai Hlanganani World Tourism Expo Preps to Attract Tourism Enthusiasts

The Sanganai Hlanganani World Tourism Expo, which is renowned for its dedication to highlighting Zimbabwe’s superiority in tourism, will once more draw attention to the nation’s rich cultural history, exhilarating wildlife encounters, magnificent landscapes, and unmatched hospitality.

The 16th edition seeks to go above and beyond past editions by bringing together exhibitors from many industries, including tour operators, lodging facilities, nature preserves, adventure sport providers, and cultural groups.

“One of the main goals of this Expo is to promote networking and collaboration opportunities among professionals in the industry, said Godfrey Koti, Head of Corporate Affairs at the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority. “The event develops successful partnerships and promotes expansion in the tourism sector by acting as a hub for local and international exhibitors, travel agencies, tour operators, journalists, and government officials. Together, stakeholders hope to increase income, produce long-term employment possibilities, and advance Zimbabwe’s tourism industry.”

The main objective of the expo is to increase public knowledge of Zimbabwe’s distinctive experiences and attractions. The Expo intends to draw visitors and investors from all over the world by presenting the nation’s natural beauty, cultural legacy, and gracious hospitality. Workshops, training programs, and quality assurance sessions are being planned to give businesses the skills and knowledge they need to deliver great service during the event.

There will also be targeted business meetings and match-ups which will bring together international tourists and potential investors, with the aim of cultivating long-term relationships.

This esteemed occasion which will be at the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair in Bulawayo on October 12–14, 2023, will enthrall a large audience worldwide and highlight Zimbabwe’s varied tourism options.