Soul Jah Love or Paul Jah Love…

Soul Jah Love or Paul Jah Love…

By Silence Charumbira

Showbiz Editor

It seems like just yesterday when raunchy dancer Beverly Sibanda made headlines after she was said to have been ‘converted’ by a then new Walter Magaya.

Magaya who leads Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries got insurmountable mileage from the ‘conversion’ that lasted just a few weeks.

The marriage that appeared to be one of convenience for both parties involved did not last.

In a few weeks that Bev was in almost every Harare newspaper, Magaya’s fame grew.

The prophet that converted the dancer while some preferred to call her a stripper or prostitute and it worked wonders.

Zimbabweans just love things; especially when it comes to trends, religion and schemes (and in some instances scams).

Bev temporarily got a clothing shop and went as far as Tanzania to purchase wares and continues to make headlines with every move.

In the meantime Magaya’s following grew like a raging wild fire before Bev eventually returned to her old ways.

In those days she was popular for the bottle act; one that she would take a 750ml bottle and split her legs while hiding the bottle into her womanhood.

For some time that routine was her masterclass and it has won her a name as she still gets paying shows long after several other dance groups have fizzled out.

So Magaya should have benefited from the publicity whether negative or positive.

Now just this week, pictures have been doing rounds on social media dancehall chanter Soul Jah Love appears to have been converted by Magaya.

In one of the pictures he appears with a bandaged foot walking on his own while his wheelchair is hoisted by a man who seems to be preaching that the artiste has been healed? In another Magaya appears to be praying for the singer while videos of various lengths have been released.

The singer went on to release a track in praise of Magaya titled Zvasiyana.

Already the marriage has gotten a lot of media attention and we seem to be reading from the same old script.

Matters of faith are slippery ground for the media but when it comes to publicity, it appears Magaya knows how to get attention.

From dishing out money to football teams, to cucumbers and mealies to his congregants and conversion of popular figures.

While it is not yet clear if the script has been regurgitated; probably meaning we will see another acrimonious divorce, it is certain that Magaya has perfected the craft of courting attention.

It remains to be seen whether this one will last but for now dear reader; you will have to pass your own verdict.

Yet the singer’s need is nothing but genuine as he could be amputated owing to his diabetes mellitus condition that has confined him to a wheelchair.

Of all possible outcomes; we would all but hope for the positive for the singer notwithstanding his faith or lack of it.

If this is his damascene moment; then we could as well await a change of name to Paul for the artiste who has been loyal to his bad boy image getting into unnecessary fights.

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