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Transport Minister Addresses Near Accident Involving Mzansi Express Bus And Fuel Truck

Transport Minister Addresses Near Accident Involving Mzansi Express Bus and Fuel Truck

The Minister of Transport and Infrastructural Development, Hon. Felix Mhona, has expressed deep concern over a widely circulated video on social media depicting a near accident involving a cross-border bus from Mzansi Express, a haulage truck carrying flammable gases, and other vehicles. The footage reveals blatant violations of traffic laws and actions that jeopardize the safety of road users.

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In an official statement obtained by Pindula News, Minister Mhona affirmed the ministry’s commitment to addressing negligence and recklessness on the roads. The bus driver involved in the incident will face prosecution, and the ministry is determined to rigorously enforce laws pertaining to road safety.

Statement by Hon. F. T. Mhona (MP) on Negligent and Reckless Driving:

The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructural Development expresses profound concern regarding a video circulating on social media depicting a close call between a Mzansi Express cross-border bus, a haulage truck transporting highly flammable gases, and other motorists. This incident highlights clear violations of traffic laws outlined in Sections 51, 52, and 53 of the Road Traffic Act [Chapter 13:11], which prohibit driving without due care, negligent or dangerous driving, and reckless driving.

The minister lamented the alarming statistics of road accidents, revealing that between December 15 and 26, 2023, 87 lives were lost, and 424 individuals sustained injuries due to such accidents. To curb the persisting road fatalities caused by recklessness, the ministry will prosecute the driver of the Mzansi Express bus based on verified videographic evidence.

Minister Mhona emphasized the implementation of Statutory Instrument 118 of 2023, making it mandatory for Public Service Vehicles (PSVs) to install speed limiting and monitoring devices. This initiative aims to regulate speeding by PSV drivers, aligning with the National Development Strategy 1 (2021-2025) goals to reduce road accidents and fatalities.

The minister warned all transport operators, associations, motorists, and the public that stringent measures will be taken against those violating road traffic rules. The safety of road users is paramount, and the ministry is prepared to suspend and cancel licenses of non-compliant drivers and operators. Additionally, law enforcement agencies are urged to be vigilant in ensuring compliance with road traffic laws.

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