Zimbabwean Women Opting for Surgical Transformations with Risks Involved

Zimbabwean Women Opting for Surgical Transformations with Risks Involved

Scores, if not hundreds, of Zimbabwean women, particularly those who are wealthy and renowned, have been undergoing various specialist body-transformation surgeries, primarily in Europe, in recent years.

These surgeries have resulted in significant changes, making many of these women appear much younger, shedding off as many as 10 to 15 years from their ages.

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Many of these women now sport a slimmer physique compared to before their surgeries, while those who previously struggled with bulging tummies have shed that excess baggage.

The impressive results seen in those who have undergone these surgeries have inspired many others to invest in similar procedures, despite the high costs involved.

“It’s a hit among many women in this country, and a lot of us are investing in these operations because we are impressed by the results seen in those who have undergone such surgeries,” said an anonymous woman.

A visit to popular spots, such as Borrowdale Village on a Saturday, reveals the astonishing transformations that many women, particularly the rich and famous, have undergone thanks to these surgeries in Europe. The surgeries vary, depending on individual preferences, but the common goal is to look younger, fitter, slimmer, and even more curvaceous for those who wish to enhance their curves.

“People are investing a lot in these medical procedures, and those who have undergone this transformation are now inspiring others, either from a distance or by exchanging notes. It’s a movement, I can tell you,” added the anonymous woman.

However, as the recent death of a British woman demonstrated, such delicate procedures are not without serious risks.

Demi Agoglia, a 26-year-old mother of three, complained of chest pains after returning to a clinic in Istanbul for a check-up and subsequently suffered a series of heart attacks. Her family had warned her against undergoing the Brazilian bum-lift procedure.

In recent years, two other British women, Melissa Kerr and Leah Cambridge, also lost their lives due to fatal blood clots in their lungs following BBL procedures at Istanbul clinics.

It is worth noting that Olinda Chapel, a UK-based Zimbabwean businesswoman and socialite, underwent her surgery in Turkey, the same country where Demi Agoglia had her procedure.

Chapel underwent the surgery two years ago and shared her journey on social media, celebrating her weight loss and improved health.

While many Zimbabwean women are opting for surgical transformations to achieve their desired physical appearances, it is crucial to be aware of the risks involved in these procedures.

The unfortunate incidents in Istanbul serve as a reminder that even seemingly minor surgeries can have severe consequences.

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