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Businessman Moses Ruwona Receives Relief as Court Orders State to Correct Procedural Errors

In an ongoing case involving allegations of fraud against businessman Moses Ruwona, the court has directed the State to address its procedural shortcomings.

Magistrate Stanford Mambanje ruled in favor of Ruwona and his associate Macmillan Chiweshe, who sought to halt further remand proceedings.

The case, which revolves around accusations of fraud, theft of trust property, and money laundering totaling US$490,000, will now proceed via summons.

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Magistrate Mambanje chastised the State for its failure to provide sufficient justifications for prolonging the remand, highlighting unreasonable delays in completing investigations.

He stressed that the State must proceed with the case via summons once it has organized its proceedings.

According to the accusations, in December 2022, the complainant secured a contract from Liquid Telecommunications Holdings in Zimbabwe to provide outdoor Wi-Fi routers.

The contract involved importing the routers from Liquid Telecommunication Holdings in Mauritius. On December 8, the complainant intended to make a payment to the Mauritian company.

Instead, Ruwona, using his offshore FCA, allegedly offered to handle the payment. Chiweshe then received US$630,400 from the complainant and transferred it to Ruwona.

Subsequently, Moses Ruwona presented a proof of payment document to the complainant, claiming to have transferred the funds from his Stanbic Account in Zambia to Liquid Telecommunications in Mauritius. However, investigations revealed that no such transaction had taken place upon verification with the beneficiary bank in Mauritius.

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