CCC Legislators Stand Firm Against Chamisa’s Leadership

CCC Legislators Stand Firm Against Chamisa's Leadership

The majority of CCC lawmakers have opted not to follow Nelson Chamisa’s recent resignation from the opposition party. While there was anticipation of a mass exodus following Chamisa’s departure, only a handful of legislators have indicated their intention to join him.

Many, including Richard Tsvangirai, son of the late MDC founder Morgan Tsvangirai, have affirmed their commitment to remaining within the party. Tsvangirai, who represents Norton Constituency, stated unequivocally that he would not be resigning, citing the wishes of his constituents.

“In Norton, residents have rallied behind Adv Nelson Chamisa. However, they’ve acknowledged the effective service delivery of their elected representatives, urging them to remain in office until Chamisa outlines the next steps,” Tsvangirai explained.

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In another setback for Chamisa, his longtime ally and Marondera Central MP, Caston Matewu, publicly dismissed the notion of resigning from Parliament. Responding to Chamisa’s resignation, Hatcliffe Constituency MP, Agency Gumbo, emphasized the need for consultation with constituents before making any decisions.

“This week, I’ll be engaging various groups in my constituency to discuss Chamisa’s resignation and its implications. While I support Chamisa’s concerns, I’ll consult my constituents on our next course of action,” Gumbo asserted.

Harare Mayor Jacob Mafume echoed similar sentiments, affirming his commitment to the CCC leadership’s directives.

“We’ll await guidance from the party leadership. Until then, we’ll continue serving the people who elected us,” Mayor Mafume stated.

This sentiment is shared among CCC lawmakers, who feel frustrated by Chamisa’s unilateral actions and perceived dictatorial tendencies. Political analyst Kudzai Mutisi commented on the situation, highlighting the reluctance of lawmakers to resign without a clear plan from Chamisa.

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