Dhewa Moyo’s Ever Filled Wallet

While others are still struggling to sign up for just one show with a small town club or a remote rural bar, it has been rosy for Peter Moyo and his band Utakataka Express that his wallet does not run out.

The hard working heir to late Sungura star Tongai, he isĀ  an ever busy man moving from stage to stage countrywide even during the week.

Carrying on the legacy, he seems to be striving to even upgrade the Dhewa sound in his own way without slipping off from the original Sungura beat.

The unlimited Peter boasts of being the best dressed group and also the first guy to introduce a ‘swag’ look to Sungura music a genre which in the past was more associated with backwardness in society.

Thanks to guys like Peter Moyo and Alick Macheso who broke through some musical giants and claimed their own ground.

Once an uprising soccer player who dreamt of one day making it in the premier league, Peter had to exchange his football boots for a guitarat an early stages of his carrier after his father’s death and worked on his music carrier which has proved to be fruitful for him.

His recent show was at Club IrdiuIrin Harare where one of Utakataka Express fans broke his shoe into two while dancing to the trending Mopao Mokonzi song.

Another fan jumped up the stage and offered him her Mercedes Benz keys just to show her appreciation of the show.

It was a show on top of a show as some showered the band with money and others went up to show off their not so good Borrowdale dance moves.

In most of his shows he normally performs for five hours or more without breaks delivering the audience money’s worth.

This writer recommends that you seek and attend the next Peter Moyo show for a Sungura Dhewa experience.