DJ Fantan defends Zimdancehall lashes out to bloggers

CHILLSPOT Records co-founder, DJ Fantan, has lashed out at some bloggers for pushing the narrative that Zimdancehall is in its twilight stage.

The state of Zimdancehall has been generating a lot of debate on social media.

Fantan believes the bloggers are plotting for the demise of Zimdancehall. Speaking to H-Metro, DJ Fantan said the predictions of the bloggers have been proved wrong since 2013.

“Bloggers have been prophesying the end of Zimdancehall since 2013.

“Some of them, we don’t blame them, because they represent other genres.

“For example, Plot Mhako is a self-proclaimed music critic, whose opinions are subjective,” he said.

DJ Fantan said they would not lose sleep over bloggers focusing on the negatives.

“Some bloggers are jealous about the movement while others have unknown issues.

“But, let’s check facts, who is the current top male artist?

“Who won the Song of the Year?

“Which genre is highly active with many shows and bookings?

“Funny thing is, if you go to the parties, the playlist will be full of Zimdancehall songs.