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Finally Morgan Heritage

Finally Morgan Heritage

Normally one is supposed to sigh with relief but before the gig tonight at the Harare International Conference Centre holding your breath is actually the right thing to do.

So for now save the sigh for later and that’s an order!

The Roots Reggae icons are equally ecstatic performing alongside Oliver Mtukudzi with Gramps emphasising he is a great fans and describing Tuku as “an angel of God”.

Winky D will also get the chance to perform with Royalty and get also earn high profile ambassadors after the Jamaicans conceded they have heard a lot about him.

With the release of his latest Gafa Chi Extraterrestrial Thursday; they sure are destined for a roller-coaster experience.

Then Freeman.

Any other time before this year any mature and serious music fan would be worried about the Joina City singer who had taken too long to get out of the bubble gum zone of Zimbabwean music.

Forget, Killer T, forget the bad boys Seh Calaz and Soul Jah Love, after this year, Freeman is the man to watch on the Zim Dancehall scene.

He has put in a lot of effort and his energy on stage has now been matched with a degree of maturity in his lyricism.

True music is a mission and not a competition but Morgan Heritage have a Grammy Award due to perfection in their mission.

It will be good for all the participating acts to learn from the best while at the same time the Morgan brothers will likely be fans of more Zimbabwean acts after today.

A pat in the back also for the organisers of the show 2 Kings Entertainment who after this show deserve a dance with the most beautiful ladies on any dance floor.

Not to say other promoters have not done well considering what Peetah said Thursday: “The promoters have tried but it is not easy bringing a whole band of more than 10 men from Jamaica to this side of the world.”

While Peetah said they were not here for “fireworks” but music; it will sure be fireworks at the HICC tonight as Harare cannot wait.

Dee Nosh of 2 Kings Entertainment said on their advance tickets they were only left with those for $15 and $25 which are limited.

“It is about to happen Zimbabwe. Morgan Heritage steps onto the stage tonight. Let us get together and enjoy,” he said.