From club hopper to events manager

From club hopper to events manager
By Silence Charumbira
Showbiz Editor
For numerous years, Shakespeare has been proven right in his assertion “Some are born great, some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them”.
The examples are several.
With Mahwindo however, her case is open to varied opinions on whether she qualifies.
From just another socialite frequenting gigs and pubs, Mahwindo has risen to become one of the most influential people in Harare’s events management.
The socialite is now the events manager at 6finger Records, a sister company to ZiFM Stereo.
Although she preferred to be modesty about her new job, she looks set to make a serious impact on the showbiz scene as her organisation is well funded.

“I started working with 6finger records last year but I remain the very same Mahwindo that people know. I still patronise clubs and gigs just like before,” she said.
Asked what kind of chords she struck to manage the fete, Mahwindo continued on a modesty track.
“All I can say is I am blessed. I am turning 40 this year and I think age counts also. At 40 one must lead by example to the younger generations. It is nice to sit in meetings with big names and exchanging ideas,” said Mahwindo.
She said although there was no more time this year to come up with big events, she said she believed is sound marketing.
“For now I am specialising in equipment hiring. We have got state of art sound, stage and lights so I am focusing on that since we are in summer and approaching festive season. I am also helping some artistes who are planning to release new albums. But come 2017 it’s gonna be fireworks in entertainment industry with Mahwindo,” she said with a chuckle.
The outspoken character showered praises to Devine Assignments boss Biggie Chinoperekwei Chipaz Promotions, 2Kings Entertainment, Josh and her current bosses for the support she has received.
“I also have artistes who encouraged me to be where I am right now the likes of my brother Mudiwa, Sulu, Jah Prayzah, Peter Moyo and the man behind the name Mahwindo, Alick Macheso,” she said.
She said the industry had become tough with so much competition.
“There is so much competition these days and it’s now a tough game. It’s not easy to organise an event. It needs time and patience and you don’t have to be greedy. Events needs good relations with all stakeholders among them media, artistes and cooperates,” she said.
“If God permits me to reach 2018 truly speaking I don’t know but obvious at 42 I will have gone places; although I am not sure where. If my age allows me to still work for 6finger, it will be on top of other event companies but if it fails only God knows where I will be then,” she said.
Born Tendai Wanisai Mutandwa in 1976, she was nicknamed Mahwindo by singer Macheso as a mockery to her large eyes.