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‘I DON’T HAVE WINKY’S NUMBER’. . . Mai TT rubbishes social media claims

COMEDIENNE Mai TT says she will not hit back at social media trolls claiming the US$500 performance fee she had reportedly offered Winky D was turned down.

Mai TT is set to tie the knot with Tinashe Maphosa in Chisipite this weekend where local artistes will share the stage with an international act.

Winky D was said to be part of the bill, a claim Mai TT denied.

With the hype having reached fever pitch, a Facebook post under Artworld Music page, claims Mai TT sought to lure the Ninja president to perform at her wedding without success.

Hmetro write, Mai TT denied ever contacting Winky’s camp, adding that she had no time to be angry anymore.

Below reads the post, whose screen-shot has since gone viral:

“Maititi Offered Winky D 500us to come and perform at her wedding for an hour and Winky D’s manager Banda said ‘mari iyoyo ndoyatinobhadhara base guitarist wedu or our Dj Layan for one hour.’ Saka kufunga kwenyu anoita here mashoko iwayo kuvanhu vanoshanda vese muZim Entertainment industry?”

After the post, some of Mai TT’s foes have been poking fun at her but the mother of two said she would not lose sleep over the issue.

“I don’t even remember calling Winky D and I don’t have his number nor do I have his manager’s number.

“When I heard about the issue, I tried to look for the manager’s number and I don’t think Winky D would stoop that low and I am not even mad. All I can say and know is that people have really tried their best to bring me down because they don’t want to see this wedding living to its billing,” she said.

Mai TT said she has since matured and would not let haters ruin her mood ahead of the wedding ceremony.

“I’m not going to have time to tolerate this nonsense, I won’t have time to respond to that on social media.

“In fact, the person who is going to perform at the event is not even Zimbabwean. Of course, there are a few local artistes who are coming to perform that we have spoken to and agreed to our terms and conditions,” she said.

Added Mai TT: “After all, Winky D anojambisa vanhu ma speakers, haaimbi zvemuchato, these are two different things altogether.

“We have a lot to attend to since wedding planning can be stressful, but nothing will stop it from happening.

“We don’t need to be stressed now, still my life is moving forward.”

Meanwhile, H-Metro understands that Mai TT will parade a 16-member bridal team at the event.

Royal blue, gold and sky blue are the wedding colours that Mai TT and Tinashe have settled for. A number of surprise acts are part of the entertainment bill, event organisers say.

Last weekend, she held a bridal shower where socialites, musicians and church leaders blessed her event.