Mohadi Criticizes CCC for Draining State Resources

Acting President Kembo Mohadi Criticizes CCC's Leadership Chaos, Labels By-elections as Unnecessary Expenditure

Acting President Kembo Mohadi has criticized the fractured CCC for causing financial strain on the nation through its leadership crisis, resulting in multiple by-elections that are draining national resources.

Mohadi, speaking at a Zanu PF rally at Nkulumane Public Library grounds in Bulawayo, slammed the CCC’s disarray and emphasized the unnecessary burden of holding frequent by-elections. He highlighted the significant cost associated with organizing elections and expressed concerns about the strain on the national budget.

Following Nelson Chamisa’s departure from CCC, Mohadi underscored the confusion within the opposition party and urged former opposition members to return to Zanu-PF, emphasizing its solution-driven agenda and ability to address national challenges.

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Reflecting on the outcome of recent by-elections, Mohadi noted Zanu-PF’s success in regaining ground, particularly in Bulawayo, and called for continued support for the ruling party’s candidates in upcoming elections.

Mohadi also outlined the Second Republic’s commitment to national development, citing various infrastructure projects and initiatives aimed at addressing key challenges facing the country. He emphasized President Mnangagwa’s vision for transforming Zimbabwe into an upper middle-income economy and highlighted ongoing efforts to mobilize resources for development projects.

Additionally, Mohadi reiterated the importance of citizen engagement and unity in advancing the country’s development agenda, urging collaboration between the government and the populace.

During the rally, Mohadi donated laptops to Mandwandwe High School to support ICT education and emphasized the need for businesses and party members to contribute to alleviating water challenges in Bulawayo by drilling boreholes.

Bulawayo Minister of State for Provincial Affairs and Devolution, Judith Ncube, expressed gratitude for the support provided by the government in addressing water challenges in the city.

Zanu-PF politburo member Retired Colonel Tshinga Dube also rallied support for Zanu-PF candidates, highlighting their experience and commitment to serving their constituencies.

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