Ngoni’s Advice Benefited all

For promoters show business is a a gambling game, but for Impala Car Rental mogul TK Dondo it was a walk with a fat wallet and a benefit to hip hop fans.

He did not hesitate to hook up Casper Nyovest when his son Ngoni asked him to invite Casper Nyovest for his company’s 10th annivesary show which took place at the Glamis Arena last Saturday.

The 20 year old boy who openly displayed that he is Nyovest top fan joined Nyovest on stage and showed off a few dancing skills of his own.

Casper commanded the stage and engaged with the audience committing to his slot. So far it is one of the best performances that probably did not need armature curtain raisers like the likes of Sam Dondo who has been limping and stumbling in the scene that maybe he should try being someone’s backing vocalist.

T Gonzi was impressive he matched the usual acts of Jah Prayzah, Winky D and Freeman, memories of his performance will not be erased that fast in people’s minds.

T Gonzi
Casper’s song list

.Soul Jah Love spoiled the flowing program by delaying to come on stage that only to appear at 5 am after leaving a 40 minute void that was filled in by the teenage girl Fire Lady whose appearance ceased missile throwing by the angry audience.

At the end of the day the fans, promoter and Casper all went away happy besides the hiccup.

Nyovest fans filled the Arena
Casper’s Zimbabwean band member