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Police Flee As Naked Woman Storms Charge Office

Police Flee As Naked Woman Storms Charge Office

In a bizarre incident that unfolded on Sunday, 14 January, just hours before midnight, police officers at Entumbane Police Station were startled when a naked woman rushed into the charge office, prompting a hasty retreat from the bewildered law enforcement.

According to eyewitnesses, the unusual episode began when an unidentified assailant attacked the woman, forcibly undressing her and making inappropriate advances while brandishing a threat to stab her. Fleeing from her attacker, the woman sought refuge at the police station.

Initially, the sight of the unclothed woman racing toward the charge office raised concerns among officers, who speculated that she might be a disturbed individual or possibly a witch. However, as she settled down, attempting to shield her modesty, the officers mustered the courage to address her situation.

A source revealed the harrowing details of the incident, explaining that the assault occurred around 10 pm the previous Sunday. The assailant, emerging from the shadows along a footpath, accosted the woman, demanding money before dragging her to a secluded area and threatening her with a stabbing.

Despite her attempts to resist, the assailant overpowered the woman, physically assaulting her and robbing her of her clothes before fleeing the scene. The traumatized victim, left with no belongings, urgently sought assistance at Entumbane Police Station, where officers provided her with clothing and took her statement.

Bulawayo police spokesperson Inspector Abednico Ncube confirmed the incident, cautioning the public against using footpaths due to the prevalence of crimes in such areas.

Insp Ncube emphasized the risks associated with walking along footpaths, citing numerous recorded crimes and advising community members to prioritize their safety.

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