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ZTA maximizes domestic tourism’s potential at the Zimbabwe Agricultural Show

ZTA maximizes domestic tourism’s potential at the Zimbabwe Agricultural Show

Zimbabwe Tourism Authority (ZTA) exhibition offers engaging travel experiences like interactive simulations, cultural performances, and scaled-down recreations of well-known tourist attractions, in addition to information. This practical approach gives tourists a taste of what to expect on their domestic adventures, stoking their wanderlust and inspiring them to explore further.

By utilizing the power of exhibitions, ZTA has encouraged people to travel within their own nation and support the local economy. .

The ZTA offers the Mukando, a domestic tourism product created in partnership with local hotel chains, as a means of encouraging domestic travel. It enables people to budget and pay for their holiday in instalments. Organizers can offer enticing bargains and incentives that make domestic travel more alluring and reasonable by working with tourist partners, local companies, and travel agencies. This not only promotes immediate bookings but also instills a sense of urgency and enthusiasm among local tourists.

By leveraging the power of exhibitions, tourism authorities can effectively promote

Collaborating with Industry Stakeholders

Successful promotion of domestic tourism at the ZAS exhibition requires collaboration between tourism authorities, local businesses, and industry stakeholders. The exhibition features booths and displays from various tourism regions and local attractions and businesses. This collaboration not only generates awareness but also provides opportunities for visitors to directly engage with service providers, gather information, and plan their future trips with the assistance of the ZTA regional offices.

Promoting Special Offers and Packages

 Promoting domestic tourism at exhibitions is a strategic approach to unlock the immense potential of a country’s tourism sector. By showcasing cultural heritage, highlighting natural wonders, collaborating with industry stakeholders, creating engaging experiences, and offering special packages, the ZTA inspires citizens to explore their own country and contribute to the growth of local economies. Through these efforts, domestic tourism can thrive, fostering a sense of pride, cultural exchange, and economic prosperity. Exhibitions serve as catalysts, igniting the desire to discover and unlocking the countless treasures that lie within a nation’s borders. Let’s embark on local travels, explore Zimbabwe, and discover its beauty.