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Cult Leader Madzibaba Ishmael Denied Bail Amidst Grave Charges: Trial Set to Proceed Despite Legal Appeal

Madzibaba Ishmael Chokurongerwa, the leader of a cult, and his associates have been denied bail, extending their stay in remand prison.

Their aspirations for freedom were dashed as a magistrate cited concerns of potential public outcry if they were released.

Accompanied by seven of his followers, Madzibaba Ishmael faced charges under the Burial and Cremation Act 5:03 and the Children’s Act 5:06.

The group was accused of conducting burials without proper authorization and subjecting children to neglect and suffering.

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The State outlined that Madzibaba Ishmael and his associates organized burials without the necessary permits and had neglected their children’s well-being since 2019.

Shockingly, 251 children, lacking birth certificates, were found to have been exploited for labor on Madzibaba Ishmael’s property.

Additionally, investigations revealed the existence of 16 illegal graves, including those of infants, raising further concerns about the activities of the sect.

More charges are anticipated as the investigation progresses.

Despite engaging legal representation, the cult leader’s bail application was denied by Magistrate Christine Nyandoro, who feared public unrest and potential witness tampering.

The trial was adjourned to April 4, with the accused planning to appeal the decision at the High Court.

Their lawyer, Purity Chakangaise, expressed confidence in their case against the State but emphasized the need for a swift trial. She warned that failure to proceed with the trial by April 4 would prompt a request to halt further remand.

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