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Madzibaba Ishmael Accused of Marrying 9 Wives,5 underaged girls

Madzibaba Ishmael say he has nine wives, and it’s even worse because they claim that five of these wives were married when they were too young, which is against the law.

Some of these young wives are said to be daughters of people in Ishmael’s religious group, maybe forced or tricked into marrying him

One of Ishmael’s wives, Tendai Mukombe, doesn’t follow his church rules. She left him and went to live in Murehwa, a peaceful rural area, away from all the problems in Canaan Camp.

In Ishmael’s place, it’s like he’s the boss and everyone in his family has to do what he says. His daughters, especially Lisa, have a lot of power.

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Lisa is even called “queen” in their religious shrine. There are also other people in the compound who make sure everyone follows Ishmael’s rules.

But there’s a dark side to all this. Some people say that Ishmael didn’t just use his place for praying, but also to hurt people, especially young girls.

They say he made them marry him when they were too young or tricked them into it. This has made people look at him differently and want him to be punished.

Even the police are involved in this mess. Some people say that the police in Nyabira knew about what was happening in Canaan Camp but didn’t do anything because they were getting bribes or favors from Ishmael.

Now that Ishmael is in trouble with the law, everyone is worried about the women and children who were living with him.

Some of them have been moved to a safe place and are getting checked by doctors to see if they’ve been hurt, either physically or mentally

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