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‘Sabotaged at Orchestra Mberikwazvo’

‘Sabotaged at Orchestra Mberikwazvo’

By Showbiz Reporter

Jonasi Kasamba’s first born son Jackson Bongwana has alleged that he was sabotaged by Alick Macheso’s Orchestra Mberikwazvo band members when he joined the band.

Although the band’s management and Kasamba could not be reached for comment, Jackson (22) said his attempt to be part of the band failed as “things failed to work out”.

Jackson was speaking to Showbiz on the sidelines of this week’s edition of the Jam Session on Monday.

“Growing up we would always see Mudhara Alick (Macheso) with my father. They have always been close so naturally I got a chance to try myself out. I first went to the studio in 2013 but it did not work out and he (Kasamba) advised me there was a lot of sabotage, probably because of the acrimonious manner in which he had left the band himself,” said Jackson.

“He told me not to lose heart as there was a lot of sabotage in the band and that is when I went to BV Labien then later Extra Kwazvose. After my father left Extra Kwazvose I was to remain with Franco Slomo before I joined Patricia Makusha aka Tete Pipilo.”

Married with one child, Jackson is the first of Kasamba’s seven kids.

Asked whether he thought his father was happy at Orchestra Mberikwazvo after his return from ‘exile’, Jackson said Macheso and his father were like brothers.

“My father and Macheso are like brothers so I know he is happy there,” he said.

Jackson has recorded one album with Tete Pipilo titled Pakaipa and they are currently recording their second project named Hombarume.