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Silent Killer Denies Beef with Seh Calaz

The management team of Zimdancehall artist Jimmy “Silent Killer” Mudereri has clarified that there is no animosity between him and fellow artist Seh Calaz, despite the resurfacing of a diss track targeting Seh Calaz.

Elder Shambare, Silent Killer’s manager, assured fans that the two musicians have a cordial relationship.

He emphasized that the diss track is simply a manifestation of artistic expression within the industry, adding an element of excitement.

“There is no beef with Seh Calaz at all. It’s just art in the industry, and it adds to the flavor. They are on good terms with Seh Calaz,” stated Elder Shambare.

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He further highlighted Silent Killer’s involvement as a guest musician at a show organized by Seh Calaz at the City Sports Centre in December 2022, confirming their positive working relationship.

Addressing concerns about Silent Killer’s alleged drug use, Elder Shambare acknowledged that while there may be rumors, the artist is currently focused on overcoming any substance abuse issues. Silent Killer is actively advocating for an end to drug abuse and is working towards a healthier lifestyle.

“It’s true that there have been claims of drug use, but it’s a fact that at some point, everyone engages with drugs. However, it depends on the type of drugs they consume. Silent Killer is committed to quitting drugs, and we, as a brand, are addressing this issue for his personal growth,” explained Elder Shambare.

According to Elder Shambare, music is Silent Killer’s true calling. He began showcasing his talent in high school, capturing the attention of his peers. His inspiration comes from everyday experiences and observations, enabling him to create songs on various subjects.

While Silent Killer previously wrote his own songs, his exceptional creativity has led to a natural flow of lyrics in the recording booth, allowing him to freestyle effortlessly.

“He is in a league of his own and excels in freestyling. He can record 10 songs in a day without writing them down or rehearsing, yet the tunes are meaningful and captivating. It’s necessary to listen to his projects to truly appreciate his genius and lyrical prowess,” praised Elder Shambare.

Silent Killer’s music resonates with life in the ghetto and covers a wide range of topics, including gospel and love. His lyrics draw inspiration from the “ghetto bible,” reflecting the realities of disadvantaged communities. By introducing unique and thought-provoking words, Silent Killer has made an impact on street culture.

In conclusion, Elder Shambare emphasized that Silent Killers focus remains on his musical journey and personal growth, while promoting positive change within the industry and society.