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Winky D Is The Zimbabwean G.OA.T. Nigerian Great Davido Speaks

“I Think Winky D Is The Biggest Thing In Zim,” Affirms Davido

Nigerian artist Davido expressed his admiration for Winky D in a now-deleted Facebook post. The “Blow My Mind” hitmaker engaged in a conversation with one of his Zimbabwean followers discussing artists who have made a lasting impact on the Zimbabwean music scene.

Davido acknowledged Winky D as one of the greatest artists to emerge from Zimbabwe, stating, “That guy, I have never had a conversation with Winky D, but trust me, he has earned respect in Africa and beyond.”

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This comment was made in response to a question about Davido’s perspective on the Zimbabwean music industry.

The commendation for Winky D comes at an opportune time as fans eagerly anticipate the release of his highly anticipated album on the thirty-first of December.


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