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Zimbabweans Express Outrage as Masvingo Girls Nyasha & Flora Speak Up on Viral Video

In a shocking turn of events, the Masvingo girls, Nyasha and Flora, who recently gained notoriety after a video of them engaging in explicit activities surfaced online, have broken their silence.

The video, which went viral earlier this week, depicted the two girls participating in a controversial act that has stirred intense public reactions.

Flora ignited the social media storm by posting the video on her Instagram Story, showcasing an unconventional rendezvous with her friend Nyasha.

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The footage captured the duo entering a room, locking the door, playing loud music, and engaging in what they referred to as “tlof tlof.” Flora then encouraged Nyasha to perform an explicit act, leading to a frenzy of online discussions.

While the intention behind posting the video remains unclear, speculation arises as to whether it was intentional or if someone maliciously leaked the footage.

Disturbingly, reports suggest that Nyasha is the child of a pastor, adding an unexpected layer to the controversy.

Unfazed by the uproar their video has caused, Flora took to TikTok to share her perspective, posting a video with the caption,

“POV: Me to those huns that be talking sh_t to me muzvima group zvavo but kana tasangana live vakungoseka seka.”

In the video, she criticizes the tendency of black people to unite only when seeking to tear down another black person.

Nyasha and Flora later went live on Instagram, displaying an unapologetic attitude towards the public outcry. Flora, seemingly on a call, hinted at being in hiding, while Nyasha sarcastically remarked,

“Zvimwe zvitadzo zvatinenge tichiita zvakutipisisa. Zvinosemesa here izvi? As long as ndisingaisiwi kuma t**** hazvisemesi.”

Online reactions to the girls’ lack of remorse have been swift and critical.

Many expressed dismay and disapproval over their seemingly indifferent attitude towards the controversy.

Comments from the public ranged from disappointment to outright condemnation.

Mukomana Anozvida
“Hungochani unosungisa muZim”
“Mvura muchaita Yeku googler….. Kunaya kangamwaiii
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