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ZRP Officer Discloses Strategy Used to Capture Pair Extorting Scott

ZRP Officer Discloses Strategy Used to Capture Pair Extorting Scott

A police officer involved in the sting operation leading to the arrest and trial of ZBC senior reporter Tendai Munengwa, alongside intelligence officer Henry Kachere, on extortion charges, has provided a detailed account of the operation.

According to Reginald Munonoki, a member of the team executing the operation, they received information on February 8th last year indicating that Munengwa and Kachere were extorting US$15,000 from businessman Scott Sakupwanya. The alleged extortion was based on their claim to possess sensitive classified information regarding illegal gold dealings by one of Sakupwanya’s companies, Better Brands.

Munonoki explained, “Our team, comprising four officers from CID Law and Order, armed with the necessary authority, proceeded to the Better Brands office in Greendale to set up the trap.” They coordinated with Sakupwanya’s security officer, Mayward Tozivepi, who was authorized by his employer to facilitate the operation.

Detailing the execution of the trap, Munonoki stated that upon the arrival of Munengwa and Kachere, Kachere was seen holding a box file allegedly containing incriminating evidence. “Kachere handed the file to Tozivepi, while Munengwa received the trap money,” he described.

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“After confirming the exchange, we intervened,” Munonoki added. He mentioned conducting a search on Munengwa and recovering the trap money from his left pocket. The box file labeled ‘CIO Top Secret’ was with Tozivepi, who was also present during the operation.

Munonoki continued, “Detective Sergeant Mutsambi opened the box file, and Detective Inspector Mukohwa informed the accused that they had received trap money, producing the trap authority which he read to them.”

Despite this, the accused allegedly refused to acknowledge the trap authority and declined to sign. They were subsequently arrested for extortion.

During cross-examination by defense lawyers, Munonoki was questioned regarding the absence of the trap money or the alleged file, both of which the accused have denied. The trial is scheduled to resume on Tuesday, with Sakupwanya expected to testify.

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